Enjoying Music

Musican Ear Plugs

Music-lovers and Musicians' "must-have" Gadgets

When exposed to loud music for an extended period of time, the inner ear hair cells will be permanently damaged, causing hearing problems or even hearing loss. Therefore, music performers or music lovers should wear musician earplugs when performing or enjoying music or concerts. Since conventional earplugs decrease most high frequencies and some low frequencies, music will sound distorted. Also, they feel obstructive and most musicians or music lovers refuse to wear them. Musician earplugs contain a filter that can reduce the overall intensity of music at all frequencies and not distort it, hence, preserving the original quality of the music. Moreover, it is custom-made to the contours of the user's ears and is made of a soft silicon material, improving both sound quality and comfort for the user.

Musician earplugs are available with various filters: ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25, reducing 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB respectively, to accommodate to different music and different musician's needs.

Custom-made Earphone Plugs

Music-lovers and Musicians' "must-have" Gadgets

By using custom-made earphone plugs, you greatly improve comfort levels when listening to music. These earphone plugs are tailored to the exact contours of your ears. The perfect acoustic seal can give you a better sound isolation and bass response. As ambient noise is greatly reduced, music volumes can be set at lower levels to protect hearing. Most of the "In-the-ear" earphones can be used with custom-made earphone plugs, including Shure, Ultimate Ears, Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Westone… etc.