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Hearing Assessment (For Pediatrics)

Otoacoustic Emission (for all ages)

Automatically assess hair cell functioning of the inner ear.


Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (6-30 months)

This test assesses a child’s hearing thresholds at 500 - 4k Hz  in the better ear. The child is conditioned to provide head turn responses to a sound source every time a sound is heard. 


Conditioned Play Audiometry (3-5 years)

The child is taught to perform a simple task (for example, putting a toy into a bucket) every time a sound is heard. The test is conducted with headphones, allowing hearing thresholds at 500 - 4k Hz to be tested in each ear separately. 

* For children with adequate attention span, thresholds at 250 - 8k Hz will be obtained. 


Impedance Audiometry (for all ages)

Automatically assesses  middle ear functioning, including middle ear pressure and eardrum movement.

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