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According to a study released by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority in 2005, over 50% of the elderly (>1000 subjects) were diagnosed to have swallowing disorders. Individuals with strokes, dementia and Parkinson’s disease are at high risk. Aspiration pneumonia, reduced body weight, malnutrition, dehydration are the possible consequences of swallowing disorders.

Our speech therapists can provide clinical swallowing assessment and rehabilitative training for individuals with difficulties in swallowing. 

Symptoms of Swallowing Disorders:

  • Choking / Hardness to breathe when swallowing

  • Gurly voice after swallow

  • Food stuck in throat

  • Frequent oral retention / Prolonged meal time (1 hour+)

  • Frequent drooling / oral spillage when drinking liquids

  • Persisting low-grade fever / Pneumonia

  • Poor appetite

The most common symptom of swallowing difficulties is choking. However, some patients may not show obvious symptoms (e.g. no coughing when aspiration occurs). Please consult your Doctor or Speech Therapist for professional diagnosis.

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