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Miss Heidi Chan

Senior Speech Therapist and Counsellor

Ms. Heidi H.T. Chan is a qualified professional in the fields of Speech Therapy and Counselling. She holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Speech & Hearing Sciences from The University of Hong Kong. She further pursued her education and obtained a Master of Social Sciences degree with Distinction in Counselling from the City University of Hong Kong.


Throughout her career, she has gained extensive experiences as a Speech Therapist in various settings. Her expertise lies in working with clients ranging from preschool to school age, who have diverse levels of special needs, cultural backgrounds, and linguistic abilities. She has made valuable contributions to the development of speech therapy publications and certified training programs. Additionally, she has also delivered public presentations to share her knowledge and skills with others in the field.


By drawing on her professional training in speech therapy and counselling, Ms. Heidi Chan is deeply committed to enhancing the communication abilities and intentions of her clients. Her approach goes beyond the individual, empowering carers and nurturing a supportive relationship between clients and their caregivers.



  • B.Sc. (Speech & Hearing Science) – The University of Hong Kong

  • M.S.Sc. (Counselling) – The City University of Hong Kong (Distinction)

  • Member of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST)


Professional Development:

  • Main Concept Analysis (MCA) for Oral Discourse Production User Certification

  • Hong Kong Graded Character Naming Test (HKGCNT) Provider Certification and

Certified Test Administrator

  • Social Stories TM/Social Articles 10.3Expanded Webinar Series Certification

  • Perceptual Assessment of Cleft Palate Speech and/or Velopharyngeal Insufficiency: Using the Cantonese-Cleft Speech Assessment Tool Certification

  • DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR® and DIR Floortime® Certification

  • Hong Kong Scales for Assessment of Theory of Mind (HKAToM) Seminar Certification

  • The Hong Kong Test of Preschool Oral Language (Cantonese) (TOPOL) Seminar Certification

  • “Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech” cum Briefing Session of SIE Project Certification

  • Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders: Let’s figure it out (Intermediate-Advanced) Certification

  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment &Intervention Certification

  • Oral Placement Therapy Level 1 & 2 Certification

  • Certified examiner of The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale(HKCOLAS)


Working Experiences:

  • District-Based Speech Therapy team (DSTT)

  • Special Child Care Center (SCCC)

  • Early Education and Training Centre (EETC)

  • Training Subsidy Programme for Children on the Waiting List of Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

  • Non-Governmental Organization self-financed speech therapy clinic


Supervision Experiences:

  • Ex-honorary clinical supervisor of HKU (Bachelor of Speech & Hearing Sciences)

  • Ex-honorary clinical supervisor of CUHK (Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology)


Counselling Experiences:

  • Counsellor trainee – adults with intellectual disabilities

  • Counsellor trainee – caregivers of adults with intellectual disabilities

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