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Hearing Aids

Fitting Process

1. Hearing assessment 

Before choosing a hearing aid, the user should first consult with an ENT specialist

or Audiologist to determine the degree and type of hearing loss and whether medical

or surgical treatments are necessary. 

2. Hearing aid selection and trial at clinic


The Audiologist will recommend what style and type of hearing aids are suitable for use, and suggest whether one or two devices are required. All hearing aids are tailor made and adjusted according to the user’s hearing loss, shape and size of ears, personal preferences, age and lifestyle.  


Unlike other hearing centers in Hong Kong, ENT Laser offers a wide selection of hearing aid brands and models, enabling us to pick the most suitable hearing aid(s) for your needs. 


3. Hearing aid trial at home

Our clients are able to trial hearing aids in the comfort of their homes for a maximum of 2 weeks. This is optional, but useful for first time hearing aid users.


4. Follow-up appointments


The Audiologist will suggest routine follow-up appointments based on users’ needs. Hearing tests and follow-up appointments are conducted without any charges during hearing aid warranty periods. 

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Hearing Aid Styles

24 (BTE).jpg

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids: suitable for severe to profound hearing loss

24 (RIC).jpg

Open fit hearing aids: suitable for mild to severe degrees, and individuals with high-frequency hearing loss

24 (CIC).jpg

In-the-ear (ITE, ITC, CIC) hearing aids: suitable for those who have a less severe hearing loss

24 (IIC).jpg

In-the-ear (IIC) hearing aids: suitable for those who have a less severe hearing loss

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