Audiology Services, Tinnitus, Music Enjoyment, Earplugs, Outreach Services and Hearing Products
Assessment and Training of Speech & Communication, Swallowing, and Social abilities
Assessment and enhancement of emotion, behavior, attention and social withdrawal
Corporate training service, Publications and School-based services
About ENT Laser

ENT Laser Hearing & Speech Therapy Centre aims at providing top-quality one-stop professional hearing and speech services to patients with communication problems.
Our centre is set up with advanced audiological equipments and soundproof room meeting international standard. With extensive clinical experience, professional knowledge and strong medical support of in-house ENT Specialists, our Audiologist and Speech Therapists are strongly committed to provide comprehensive professional services to those with communication problems. More› 
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    • "My speaking voice was breathy, weak, and coarse before the therapy. It was frustrating for me...